Upcoming Law Changes

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PacStates can review your current communication network and design a system to meet the requirements of these upcoming law changes.


This legislation arose from a tragic real-world scenario: in a Texas motel, Kari Hunt lost her life in an attack by her estranged husband. During the attack, Ms. Hunt’s daughter was unable to directly dial 911 from the motel room – the on-premise system expected certain digits to precede 911.

Congress enacted Kari’s Law to ensure that users of a multi-line telephone system (MLTS) can directly dial 911 from within the system, with no special prefixes or other codes. The law also mandates that when an emergency call is placed, a notification be sent to a central location on-site or off-site where someone is likely to see or hear the notification. Notifications must include a valid callback number and are intended to facilitate building entry by first responders. These are potentially life-saving changes.

Note that Kari’s law is prospective only and does not require upgrading MLTSs deployed as of Feb 15, 2020. However, after Feb 16, 2020, independent legal advice should be obtained prior to upgrading any non-compliant systems deployed prior to Feb 15, 2020, as these actions may trigger Kari’s Law requirements.


As with Kari’s Law, under Section 506 of RAY BAUM’S act (Repack Airwaves Yielding Better Access for Users of Modern Services) the Federal Communication Commission has adopted rules that aim to save lives by modifying certain aspects of 911 communications. The RAY BAUM’S rules deal with what’s called a “dispatchable location” – i.e., the physical address to which 911 responders will be sent when someone calls 911 from a certain device.

Whether you are using a fixed-line device (such as a traditional on-premise device/landline) or a non-fixed device (such as a VoIP softphone or IP desk phone), RAY BAUM’S Act aims to ensure that your device is associated with a dispatchable location – so that first responders can find you, even if you cannot speak or confirm your address. Again, this is a legislative change that could save lives.

Upcoming Law Changes