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Call Today:  (775) 828-2020

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Building Surveillance and Access Control

Verkada security cameras for business

The Future of Physical Security: Leveraging the Cloud and AI to Secure Your Organization

PacStates is excited to present Verkada to our clients.

Verkada recognizes that video security is imperative to maintaining the safety of facilities, staff and assets and  designed solutions to be the easiest video management software on the market and offers a FREE test drive of their products and is one of the few programs qualified under the CARES payments so you are able to remove any stress in your decision making process.

Verkada has created a seamless experience on any smart device, the process of finding, saving and sharing footage is effortless, enabling users to effectively monitor and respond to situations from wherever they are.

Verkada security cameras for business

 Verkada leverages the cloud and amazing AI analytics to provide:

  • Wide range of camera options
  • Integrated Access Control
  • Integrated Environmental Sensors
  • All in one program / management interface

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Comprehensive Platform and Solutions. Adaptable to Your Needs.

Turing AI provides a comprehensive platform with award winning AI algorithms that connects with industry-leading cameras and robots to transform the video feeds into alerts and insights 24/7.

Turing AI provides alerts, sophisticated analytics, and search functionalities to guide your actions, real-time. We bring all of it into a simple, secure, reliable cloud platform to keep your employees safe, your facility secure and your operations efficient.

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Building Surveillance and Access Control

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