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Six features of VoIP that can benefit small business, but few use

With more and more small businesses making the switch to VoIP phone services, it is important to understand all the features available to your business to get the most bang for your buck. Some of our favorite features that can elevate your business include;

  1. Virtual receptionist – Gives the caller an option list for what they’re calling about. This will direct their call to the appropriate employee or wherever you wish to send calls regarding “x”.
  2. Custom Call Tagging – Lets you see where your calls are coming from. For example, for a caller coming from the billing option of your reception menu, you know how to answer their call or who to direct it to. This one can be really fun if you add a Google Analytics tag to it. You can track call volume, and including the busiest times of day for your phone lines. This can be especially useful if you need to decide where to focus company resources.
  3. Call monitor, whisper, and barge – These are great for coaching your team on client calls. Monitor allows you to listen in without the employee or client knowing, Whisper allows you to listen in and “whisper” to your employee any notes or important points to make to the client. Barge allows you to listen in on a call and jump in if necessary.
  4. Find me/ Follow me- This allows you to leave your office without worry, knowing that any incoming calls will make their way to you- wherever you are. You can designate another number to ring if your office line isn’t answered after, say, three rings. Then after perhaps two rings on your cell phone, your home phone might ring once before the caller is sent to voicemail.
  5. Local Number- Another bonus feature we love is the ability to set up a local number from anywhere, even if you don’t have an office in that city. For a small business that doesn’t quite have their feet on the ground in a city they may be hoping to expand to, or still feeling out, they can get an area code that appears local and link back to our #2 feature, custom call tagging, to see how many of these calls are coming in before they decide to actually establish a full time presence there.
  6. Phone entry buzzer integration – In small offices, you may not always have a security guard or receptionist to field your visitors and guests. This feature allows for the buzzer to go straight to your phone, where you can converse with the visitor and press a key on your phone to allow them to enter if you wish.

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