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Telecommunication Advocacy at it’s Finest

When we realized we needed to add a telecommunication negotiations consultant to the team, we discovered Sarrah Bridge and knew she would be a perfect fit. Sarrah worked for AT&T in Reno for 8 years and has been on the independent telecommunications consultant side for 7 years and counting. She has a wealth of carrier expertise and is a fierce advocate for PacStates' customers, always doing what's best for the customer and helping to hold the carriers accountable. She is relentless in her follow up and will continue to monitor each and every outstanding issue, no matter how small, through to it's resolution and to our customers' satisfaction. In just 4 years, our customers have come to see Sarrah as an extension of their own team and rely on her for advice and information on all things involving voice and internet. She is responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in carrier credits negotiated on behalf of our customers and is known for being available and responsive 24x7. If you haven't met Sarrah yet, please reach out to her to have a discussion on how she can help with your company's voice and internet services. You won't be sorry!

PacStates has held a position of relationship servicing and advocating for businesses for over 36 years as an Independent telecommunications consultant.

The difference between working with a carrier direct vs an independent telecommunications consultant/broker

When a customer calls a carrier, their direct sales team is incentivized to sell certain products and services. They have product-specific quotas and are under a lot of pressure to meet those quotas and are paid once when the contract is signed. Once the customer signs the contract, that direct sales rep has no further financial incentive to continue being responsive and assisting with issues down the road related to the installation, disconnect of old services, billing reviews and adjustments, and service and repair issues.

When a customer calls PacStates, our team of telecom experts will do a thorough analysis of all existing voice and internet services and make recommendations based on the carrier products and services that fit the customer's needs and budget. We have no allegiance to any particular carrier but are free to pursue all options that best suit each specific customer's situation. PacStates is compensated by the carrier and in a recurring revenue model so that as long as our customers are happy and continue using the products and services, we continue receiving compensation from the carrier. We are always here for our customers for support after the sale and gladly assist with project management during installation, disconnection of old services, bill reviews and adjustments, and service and repair issues. The independent telecommunications consultant model results in PacStates receiving compensation for doing what's best for our customers and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Some of the carriers in PacStates' portfolio include:

  • Allstream
  • Spectrum/Charter
  • TPx
  • Granite
  • AireSpring
  • Zoom
  • RingCentral
  • XCast
  • ViaSat
  • NetNV
  • Utility
  • Nextiva
  • NEC Univerge Blue
  • Frontier
  • Comcast
  • AT&T/ACC
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