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Call Today:  (775) 828-2020

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PSC Customer Care

We at Pacific States Communications believe it’s important to take the best care of our clients and want to make sure you’re more than just happy with your service, but also getting the most out of your equipment.

Our Customer Care program can help you with all the stages of purchasing and owning a new communications system, from the initial consultation, to the design and setup, to training employees on how to use it most effectively.

Your team will learn from ours as they program the new system together. We will ensure your team has a full understanding prior to the first day your new system is in use, and make sure you have the ability to use all of the available productivity tools.

Our customer care program provides ongoing training onsite for new employees and we will keep existing employees up to date on new features. Our team consists of industry and product specialists well trained and certified in system knowledge and best practices. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

PSC Customer Care

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