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What Is The Dark Web?

dark web

The dark web is the ultimate marketplace for cybercriminals.

The dark web is encrypted online content that cannot be accessed using conventional search engines, such as Google. It is completely hidden from public view and can only be accessed using special software.

It should not be confused with the deep web. While the two terms are frequently used interchangeably, the deep web and the dark web are completely different from one another. The term “deep web” refers specifically to web pages that don’t turn up when you use a conventional search engine, but can still be accessed using a regular web browser by using a direct URL.

While the dark web can be used for legitimate activities, it has come to serve as a market place for the sale of stolen private and financial data. The fact that the dark web allows its users to conduct transactions with total anonymity has made it the perfect tool for cyber criminals. When someone uses the dark web, their location and IP address are concealed and cannot be traced. This means that if an exchange of stolen data occurs on the dark web, it is virtually impossible to track down the person who sold it or the individuals who are buying it. 

The dark web poses a significant danger in the digital age. As data breaches become an increasingly common occurrence, the dark web makes it more difficult to recover data and catch cybercriminals. If you have not taken the appropriate security precautions, your data, or your clients, could have found its way on to the dark web without your knowledge.

Do you know how to determine if your data has made its way onto the dark web?

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What is the Dark Web

Read more about the dark web at FTC, TechRadar, and Webroot.

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