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Why You Should Be Concerned About Ransomware

Thanks to ransomware, it is easier than ever before to commit the act of blackmail in the digital age.

Ransomware is an automated intelligence designed specifically to steal the data from your computer and hold it hostage. Once an attacker receives your data they will likely promise to return it in exchange for receiving payment. Unfortunately, even if you agree to the attacker’s demands, you will have no way of knowing what has happened to your data. The attacker could have saved it or he could have already shared it with another party.   

Because ransomware is an automated intelligence, the number of networks it will target is unrestricted. It is designed to constantly search for system vulnerabilities, and exploit them accordingly.

Ransomware employs a variety of methods to obtain access to your data, and it is not always easily detectable. Common ways that computers can become infected include visiting an infected website, or downloading a compromised email attachment. Unfortunately, if your computer becomes infected, the ransomware software can remain dormant for an extensive period before it activates. Therefore, it is possible your computer may already be infected with ransomware without your knowledge.

While anyone is susceptible to experiencing a ransomware attack, the primary targets of ransomware attacks are often small businesses. In an article listing the nastiest malware for the year 2019, Webroot reported “Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are easy prey and make up most of its victims. Whether gaining access through targeted phishing attacks or by brute forcing unsecured remote desk protocol (RDP), Ransomware is as effective as ever and isn’t going anywhere.”

Are you equipped to protect yourself or your company from Ransomware? If Ransomware is dormant within your computer, PacStates can detect its presence! To learn more, contact us today!

To read the full Webroot article, click here.

Concerned About Ransomware?

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