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WARNING: A New Ransomware Strain Has Been Identified


A new form of Ransomware is on the scene, and cyber criminals are using it to extort businesses.

As we discussed in a recent blog, Ransomware is an automated intelligence designed specifically to steal the data from your computer and hold it hostage. According to a new article by Dan Kobialka at, security researchers have discovered a new strain of Ransomware, known as Snake.

Snake begins its attack by targeting and removing shadow copy volumes. Shadow Copy Volumes are back up copies of computer files that are created automatically, even when a file is in use. Once Snake removes Shadow Copy volumes it proceeds to interfere with important network processes, including ones related to data acquisition, industrial control systems, and remote management tools. Finally, it takes your data hostage by encrypting it.

According to Kobialka, “During a Snake attack, cybercriminals encrypt network device files (but skip those located in Windows system folders) and generate a ransom note. They also use Snake to encrypt entire networks rather than individual workstations.”

This means that once a network has been compromised by Snake, every device that is connected to that network will be compromised and their files will be encrypted. This makes Snake a particularly useful tool for cyber criminals targeting businesses. Because Snake destroys shadow copy volumes, it is impossible to retrieve older versions of essential files, and the overall productivity of a business will suffer because the infected network is no longer carrying out essential processes.

Even if you agree to pay the ransom there is no guarantee that the attacker will decrypt your files and return access. As new strains of ransomware evolve, such as Snake, it is important to educate yourself about the steps that can be taken to guard your network from ransomware.

Are you equipped to protect yourself or your company from a Ransomware attack? PacStates can help! To learn more about ransomware and how to detect its presence, contact us today!

New Ransomware Strain

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