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Identifying The Cloud Based Technology To Best Support Your Needs

Businesses require a lot from their contact center technology. It must streamline operations, help agents maximize customer satisfaction and ensure managers can track and measure agent success. Simplicity, security, reliability and flexibility are crucial and most importantly, it must be cost-effective and deliver a good return on investment.

Picture this, a contact center system is difficult and complicated for agents to use and each agent may have to spend a few extra minutes each day navigating the system. Over a period of months, this situation is resulting in thousands of wasted dollars. The price of contact center technology that does not meet the above requirements can be significant. Think about the loss of not only productivity, but also an increase in frustration this issue can cause. The thousands of dollars lost does not even include the cost of extra time spent training new employees on the overly complex system. Along those same lines, an outdated on-site contact center can also harm a business financially but in a different way. With outdated systems, employees are restricted by the technology they are given. The ineffective systems are costing customers, along with falling behind of competitors. There is a solution to this: upgrading to an innovative cloud contact center solution. This upgrade ensures businesses are leveraging the latest and greatest technology to boost customer satisfaction and increase agent productivity.
Three companies, a retailer, healthcare non-profit and holiday savings site use cloud contact center solutions to increase both customer satisfaction and productivity.
The retailer decided to move the contact center to cloud and immediately saw a change. Their modern cloud contact center platform provided their management with the flexibility and agility to adjust call routing as needed, increasing first-call resolution rates, and handle seasonal demands more effectively. Additionally, with the reporting and analytics features, the company was able to identify areas that needed attention.

The non-profit needed to ensure their patients’ information was kept safe and they complied with all healthcare regulations. They chose to migrate to a state-of-the-art, cloud contact center solution, which was significantly simpler and more intuitive than their previous system. The organization saw improvement in the contact center’s security and reliability regarding the patients’ data.

Lastly, the holiday savings website needed to boost efficiency and customer acquisition rates and their current contact center was not equipped with the tools to improve those areas. To achieve greater control over operations, they decided to run their own contact center. Finding technology that would maximize efficiency and attract new customers was crucial to not only the contact center’s success, but their overall business as well. The website selected an advanced cloud contact center solution that streamlined their operations and generated reports on agent performance. Managers also leveraged the data to make better, more informed business decisions.

Regardless of your industry, having the right cloud contact center solution will make the different between success and failure of your company. To increase flexibility, simplicity, better decision-making and more, consider an upgrade to an intuitive cloud contact center.

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