Veterans Memorial

Michael at Veterans Memorial

PacStates is honored to a part of this amazing memorial!

We received a call from my dear friend Kristopher Dahir, Sparks City Councilman.

He explained that the original party providing the camera surveillance system for the Veterans Memorial informed him that due to supply chain issues they would not be able to provide the surveillance system until around February 2023, three months after the opening.

He asked if PacStates had a solution that could be installed within the next three to four weeks in time for the ribbon cutting. We were able to quickly pull the resources together to evaluate and design a Verkada Surveillance solution with five cameras and 7/24 live monitoring that we could provide and sponsor withing the budget

We worked closely with the amazing Q&D Construction team onsite to facilitate the implementation of the system in time for official unveiling and ribbon cutting.

The PacStates family is honored to a part of this amazing memorial.

Councilman Kristopher Dahir, NVMP President - "I appreciate the expert advice and the direct communication we had with Pac States, their staff and their advice were both imperative to giving us tools to protect this new commodity for our community."

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