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Will Mitel Revolutionize Unified Communications?

How do you ensure that important information is being sent to the person who needs it the most? This is a question that has faced individuals in the field of digital communications as they struggle to adequately direct data from electronic devices that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The term “IoT device” refers to any device that has the capability to utilize wifi and transmit data, but is not a standard computing device like a laptop, electronic tablet, or a smart phone. Examples of IoT devices include water sensors, smartwatches and electronic toys.

Businesses in the digital age are relying on data from IoT devices to improve their efficiency and obtain information about their target demographics. This means that ensuring timely data is getting to the right person at the right time is extremely important.

The problem is, most notifications from IoT devices are sent out in the form of mass alerts or are incorporated into contact center queues. This is an inefficient practice as it makes it harder for the data to reach the person who needs it most, and makes it harder for them to resolve a potential issue.

According to an article by Tom Brannen at, Mitel may have found a solution. Brannen describes a demonstration he witnessed at the 2019 Consultant and Analyst Summit for Mitel’s Workflow Engine.

In this demo, Brannen witnessed how Workflow could automatically create a service ticket from an alert received by a water sensor, and engage with a service team to resolve the issue within a single messaging app. While the concept itself is not a new one, what makes Workflow particularly notable is the fact that it can engage with applications outside of ones exclusively developed by Mitel, such as Zendesk and Slack.

Brannen believes that the introduction of Workflow could offer Mitel a significant advantage over its competitors in the field of Unified Communications. While Workflow is still in the beta stage of development, it has the potential to be a revolutionary tool for businesses that are seeking to improve their communication systems.

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