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Plan Your Office Move

Moving is never fun, and sometimes it seems everything that can go wrong, does. If there’s one thing you can do to make your office move go even a little smoother, it would be making sure you don’t make the costly mistake of moving to a new location and finding out your phone service can’t come along.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Not all carrier services are offered at all locations

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To find out what is offered at your potential location. Save yourself time, money and the frustration that could come with not knowing if your equipment will work.

Give us a heads up

One thing you can do is to give us sufficient notice of your move. Communications systems providers will typically require six weeks advance notice of your move date, so once you’ve checked that your current service will be ready to go at the new location, we will help you by plan any voice, data or electrical installations or upgrades you may need. Internet and telephone connections may take up to six weeks to be installed, tested and ready for use.

Don’t put more on yourself than you need to

A mistake we see frequently is offices that try to move their communication systems themselves. Asking employees to disconnect and reconnect their systems themselves or having anyone who is not experienced attempt this task more often than not will result in phones ringing at the wrong extension, lost cables and frustrated employees and customers. Ask us for assistance setting up your new office once you’re ready. We’ll be happy to help you avoid expensive fixes and lost productivity.

Check the plans

If you’re building a new location for your company to move into, call our experts to help you decide how many power outlets, network and phone connections you will need and what storage space you will require for your equipment. The reason to build a facility is to get exactly what you need. Don’t forget that your computer and phone system equipment need the same. Changes after the building is complete can be much more expensive than planning it right the first time.

Plan your office move

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