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Call Today:  (775) 828-2020

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Help During Difficult Times

Dear Valued Clients,

As an essential business, we are open and actively assisting our community. Our priority during this time of uncertainty is balancing the well-being of our employees, their families and our clients while continuing to provide access to essential telecommunications services. To keep this balance, we have made some adjustments to our operations to help during difficult times:

PacStates has set up staff working from home to:

  • Continue answering your calls and emails.
  • Assisting remotely to resolve issues, set up work from home, and answer questions.
  • Front line IT, phone and cabling technicians and logistics are:
  • Visiting client sites only when necessary.
  • Practicing safety measures as outlined by the CDC.
  • Maintaining office staff only as needed for warehouse and field logistics, again practicing CDC safety measures.
  • Sales and engineering are:
  • Actively working with companies to address and setup work from home.
  • Ordering and setting up a hosted platform if applicable.
  •  Designing and preparing upcoming client projects.

Your PacStates family is here and available to help you with technical support to get through this very difficult time. Do not hesitate to call your representative or our support team at (775) 828-2030.

Click here to download this notice in PDF format

Sincerely,Michael Buis, CEO

Help during difficult times!

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