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Top 5 Ways to Protect from a Cyber Attack

Suffering a cyber attack has the potential to permanently cripple your business. Cyber threats are everywhere and they are becoming more dangerous and difficult to detect. With that in mind, here are the top five cyber security fields you should focus on improving if you want to protect from cyber attacks.

  1. Security Awareness- The best way to prevent a cyber attack is to make sure the people using your network are informed! Train your users about data security and your business’s specific policies and procedures for dealing with cyber attacks. If your users know the signs of what to avoid, they will be less likely to fall for traps such as scam emails.

  2. Advanced Endpoint Detect & Response- Advanced Endpoint Detect and Response technology can be used to protect your computer data from cyber attacks as well as viruses and malware. Unlike simple anti-virus software, endpoint security is capable of protecting you from file-less and script based threats, and can even rollback ransomware attacks.

  3. Multi-factor Authentication- Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of protection to ensure that even if your password is stolen your data will remain protected. It requires that you provide an additional credential to verify your identity when logging into your network, beyond just using a password. For example, in addition to providing a password when you log in, you might also be required to input a code that has been sent to your personal cell phone. You should utilize Multi-Factor Authentication whenever you can, including when you use banking websites and social media platforms.

  4. SIEM/Log Management- SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) software collects event and security logs from electronic devices, then reviews them in order to help protect from advanced threats. Using this software will help you get further insight into potential data breaches.

  5. Firewalls– Firewalls are security systems that prevent and detect intrusions when they occur on your digital network. When you employ Firewalls, you should also be sure that any security log files from them are forwarded to a managed SIEM.

PacStates can give you the tools to protect your data! If you want additional tips on how to protect your business from cyber attacks, read more here

Protect from a Cyber Attack

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