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Pacific States Communications Launches New Product

We are so pleased to be offering a new product to our customers. Interactive Intelligence, which was recently acquired by Genesys, focuses on offering modern communication technology, enabling customer engagement and communications through cloud based products. Genesys-Interactive Intelligence offers contact center software with tools that enable collaboration within the workplace and better communications with customers. Genesys-Interactive Intelligence has more than 10,000 customers in more than 100 countries and supports more than 25 billion customer interactions per year.

Historically Genesys-Interactive Intelligence has been designated to service large companies and call centers. They have now introduced a cloud-based option that is scalable to any size business. This cloud- based option opens the door to many of our clients, offering them services and tools which have not previously been accessible to the smaller companies.

Genesys-Interactive Intelligence products are devoted to customer engagement, as wells as employee engagement and optimizing business. Making customer engagement a focal point, in turn improves customer experience. In ever changing and increasingly competitive markets, exceptional customer service is vital in setting companies apart from competitors.  Genesys-Interactive Intelligence offers products capable of tracking and customizing each customer experience to make sure that individual needs are being met.

Through improved employee engagement, companies can expect to see better collaboration between departments.  The cloud based product enables information to be shared amongst team members, offering customers a more seamless transition between departments and a more educated interaction overall. The ability to share information at a more rapid pace also can increase response time, resulting in quicker solutions for customer issues. Omnichannel capabilities offers an all-encompassing view of reporting and content vital to providing an unmatched, engaged customer experience. This has also been proven effective in training employees, managing quality control and ensuring compliance.

As companies grow and develop, one of the primary questions is how to optimize their business. Gensys- Interactive Intelligence’s tools allow organizations to prioritize and manage workflow. These tools are proven to increase performance by organizing and prioritizing tasks.  The management tools gather the tasks and interactions with real time monitoring and have the ability to assign tasks to team members. This is imperative to timely completion of processes and attainable task based time management.

Genesys- Interactive Intelligence’s cloud based products also brings efficiency and cost effectiveness to companies by offering numerous integrations with other applications. This allows a company to alter their services as needed over time. The flexibility to customize products and services to best fit the evolving needs of the clients is one of the things that makes Genesys-Interactive Intelligence stand out from competing call center technology solutions.

We take pride in offering our customers the best solutions and cutting edge technology. By thoroughly researching and understanding the products that we offer, we can ensure the satisfaction of clients. We invest in products that fit our client’s needs and allow them to stay at the cutting edge of their industries.

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